Mashboard supports the following types of widgets:

Communications Services Services icon envelopeCommunications

Display Emails from one or several accounts.
Supports: Gmail, iMAP

Files Services Services icon filesFiles

Display a list of files stored on various services.
Supports: Dropbox, Google Drive

Calendar Services Services icon calendarCalendars

Display a list of events from your calendars.
Supports: Google Calendar

Contacts Services Services icon userContacts

Display a list of contacts for quick referral.
Supports: Google Contacts

Services Services icon notesNotes

Display relevant items from your notebooks.
Supports: Evernote

Tasks Services Services icon taskTasks

Display a list of tasks and to-dos.
Supports: Basecamp, Wunderlist

Each widget type has unique filters that allow you to pinpoint the information that should be displayed. Widgets can also mash information from multiple accounts even if they’re on different services.
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