About Mashboard

This is not your typical dashboard. There are no pie charts, bar graphs, or gauges analyzing data. Mashboard is a tool that consolidates and organizes relevant information making it searchable across any device. Today’s information worker uses many different apps and services to manage clients or projects that need their attention. Each service is a disconnected silo of information, but to work effectively the information needs to be easy to retrieve whenever and wherever you need it. Mashboard bridges the gap between all of your services. Having a central place to look for timely and relevant information means less time wasted switching back and forth between tabs, windows, and applications. It won’t matter which service the information is stored in because you can track it down with a single search or visually segment and mash information so it’s easier to digest. With this level of control you can build a Mashboard that’s tailored just for you and works in harmony with the services you’ve come to rely on. How will you put the power of Mashboard to use? Take a couple of minutes to let us know.


About Us About Us mauricio fonsecaMauricio Fonseca | CEO Mauricio Fonseca guides product development, communicates our vision, and eliminates obstacles that impede our success.
About Us About Us nick newmanNick Newman | COO Nick Newman’s passion for service-oriented solutions ensures that simplicity and utility drive our internal processes and product design.
About Us About Us matthew stephensMatthew Stephens | CXO Matthew Stephens advocates for users and helps create a meaningful experience that can evolve as their needs change.
About Us About Us nick rueggerNick Ruegger | CTO Nick Ruegger is an expert at bringing together the technology that enables us to provide users with an innovative product.


About Us About Us userMichael Trafton | Founder and CEO at Fire Ant Software For more than 20 years, Michael has helped some of the most successful companies in the U.S. design, develop, and deploy mission-critical technology solutions. He has a passion for helping first time entrepreneurs reach their goals through mentoring, coaching, and investing. In addition to running two technology companies, Michael helps run Capital Factory, a technology incubator/accelerator that has become the epicenter of Austin’s startup community. He is an advisor, board member, and/or investor for several Austin-area startups.
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