Project Hustle is a Big Success for Mashboard

So, first off, big thanks to our friends, family, and any other supporters reading this who helped us reach our funding goal of $50,000 for Project Hustle!  This funding will accelerate development and help us get Mashboard out to you much faster!  We’re elated and motivated by your support.

For those that don’t know, Mashboard recently received funding from Project Hustle, a contest sponsored by vitaminwater where 10 startups were chosen from hundreds of applicants to participate in a quasi-kickstarter competition. Each startup stood to receive $50k in funding to get their visionary ideas off the ground.

The contest was simple: buy vitaminwater with a black cap, go to, enter the code under the cap, and put that money towards your favorite startup idea. We were surprised and inspired by how quickly things started moving towards our $50k goal.  The contest began on July 1st and officially ended today, August 31st, but by July 25th we’d reached our goal and are now fully funded.

So now that we’ve secured the funding, it’s time to accelerate and deliver on our promise to help get your services organized. The overwhelming support we received was further proof that we’re working to solve a real problem that many of us with multiple accounts and services experience. It’s funny to think that having a Mashboard to track the work we’ve been doing on Mashboard would help us be a lot more efficient. We have information on Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Evernote… all the usual suspects. We often ask each other where we have the specs or mockups for X and are searching everywhere for it. Pretty soon that will be a thing of the past and this funding will help make it happen.



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