Top 25 Most Popular Online Services for Professionals

After reaching out to users on Reddit and our beta group, we compiled a list of the most popular services used by these individuals. Respondents included entrepreneurs, students, developers, consultants, marketers and many others across multiple industries.

The goal of the survey was to get insight into the services users would want integrated into their Mashboard accounts. There were well over 100 different services submitted, but we’d like to focus on the top 25 most popular.

It comes as no surprise that Google’s products are three of the top five, which is why Gmail, Calendar, and Drive were the first services we included in Mashboard.

It was surprising to see Twitter overtaking Facebook, but then again we personally rely more on @mashboard to communicate and network. In a later post we’ll talk about how we envision a service like Twitter integrating with multiple filters and card types. We have a lot of great ideas that we’d like to share with you and get further feedback on.

Are there services you’d like to see integrated? Let us know at or in the comments.


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